Wallboard Tape

Premium Wallboard Tape Red Label

Specially designed to meet ASTM Standard C-475. Made from heavier paper than standard wallboard tapes to decrease stretching, wrinkling and cracking problems. Perforated to reduce blistering, center creased to ease application, and buffed for superior adhesion.

Product #DescriptionSizeLgthRolls/CtnUnitShip Wt.Units/Pallet
36030Premium Wallboard Tape Red2 1/16500′10CTN28.585

Wallboard Tape Blue Label

Westpac Wallboard Joint Tape features perforation to reduce blistering, center creasing for easier angle application, and it is buffed to promote increased adhesion.

Product #DescriptionSizeLgthRolls/CtnUnitShip Wt.Units/Pallet
36240Wallboard Tape Blue2 1/1675′20CTN9150
36250Wallboard Tape Blue2 1/16250′20CTN2660
36260Wallboard Tape Blue2 1/16″500 ft10CTN2785