Joint Compound Pails

All Purpose Joint Compound

  • Use for taping, topping and texturing
  • Excellent bond, easy to sand, and low shrinkage
  • Convenient size
  • Excellent for all applications
  • 1.75 Pt (#55410)
  • 3.5 Qt (#18680)
  • 4 Gal (#18720)
Product #UnitShip Wt.Units/Pallet

Topping Joint Compound

  • For 2nd and finish coats
  • Low shrinkage
  • Easy sanding
  • Tinted (#18780)
  • White (#18760)
Product #UnitShip Wt.Units/Pallet

Westpac Barrel Program

  • Faster production times
  • Reduces waste on job sites
  • Recyclable packaging (LEED – MR Credit 2.1)
  • Less mixing, less labor intensive
Product #DescriptionUnitUnits/PalletShip Wt.
18201Blue Dot Taping30 Gal4405
18043Red Dot All Purpose30 Gal4405
18222Green Dot Topping30 Gal4405
18361Black Dot Topping30 Gal4405
18172Lt Wt TNT30 Gal4405
18251Green Dot Lt Wt Topping30 Gal4405
18185TNT30 Gal4405