Hi Tech Silverline

Hi Tech Silverline

  • rolls easily-very durable
  • protects floors, rejects floor debris
  • low temperature flexibility
  • chemical, steam and water resistant
  • 2400 lb. capacity
Prod#Model#DescriptionUnitShip Wt.
49337PCHTS-8-S8” Swivel Hi-Tech SilverlineEA6
49338PCHTR-8-S8” Rigid Hi-Tech SilverlineEA6
49339PCHTS-8L-S8″ Swivel Hi-Tech Caster with LockEA7

One Piece Solid IC 1 Standard

One-Piece Solid Silverline

  • polypropylene soft surface
  • non-marking
  • shock and steam resistant
  • best for cold climates
  • 3000 lb. capacity
Prod#Model#DescriptionUnitShip Wt.
49430PCPR-8-S8” Rigid Poly Silverline CasterEA6
49432PCPS-8-S8” Swivel Poly Silverline CasterEA6
49434PCPS-8L-S8″ Swivel Poly Caster with LockEA7

Rubber to Metal IC 3 Standard

Rubber-to-Metal Silverline

  • custom metal alloy center, soft surface bonded cushion rubber tread
  • rides more easily over debris
  • 85 durometer, soft surface bonded cushion rubber tread
  • 3000 lb. capacity
Prod#Model#DescriptionUnitShip Wt.
49436PCRR-8-S8” Rigid Rubber-To-Metal SilverlineEA9
49438PCRS-8-S8” Swivel Rubber-To-Metal SilverlineEA9
49440PCRS-8L-S8″ Swivel Rubber-To-Metal With LockEA10