Nail on or slip over. Made of rigid vinyl, light in weight, easy to cut and handle. The plastic that is approved for interior construction, will never rust and can be painted.

Prod #LgthWidthPcs/CtnFt/CtnUnitWt/Ctn
462208 ft1/2”50400MF11
462308 ft5/8”50400MF12
4622510 ft1/2”50500MF13
4623510 ft5/8”50500MF14

Peel-Off Bead

Eliminates joint cement from ceilings, forms a guide for the trowel and provides an attractive, clean finish. Tear away leg removes easily without disturbing the finish.

Prod #LgthWidthPcs/CtnFt/CtnUnitWt/Ctn
462008 ft1/2”50400MF13
462108 ft5/8”50400MF14
4620510 ft1/2”50500MF16
4621510 ft5/8”50500MF17


Provides a clean, sharp edge at door, window, ceiling and other terminations. Many perforations and raised shoulder enhance compound adhesion and provide for a flush finish. Install using standard industry practice.

Prod #LgthWidthPcs/CtnFt/CtnUnitWt/Ctn
462608 ft1/2”40320MF9
462708 ft5/8”40400MF10
4626510 ft1/2”40320MF11
4627510 ft5/8”40400MF12