Kerf Bullnose

  • 3/4”Radius
  • Kerf Bullnose provides a finished edge around door and window openings.Installation is made easier because the back flange is eliminated .
Prod #LgthPcs/CtnFt/CtnCtns/PalletUnitWt/Ctn
422307 ft5840640MF51
422408 ft5040040MF51
422509 ft4540540MF51
4226010 ft4040040MF51

Bullnose J Round

  • 3/4”Radius
  • Use Bullnose “J” Round to create rounded corners for door and window openings. Perfect for use with non-kerfed doorjambs.
Prod #LgthPcs/CtnFt/CtnCtns/PalletUnitWt/Ctn
423078 ft2520040MF24
4230910 ft2020040MF24

Bullnose Door and Window Trim

  • Use this Bullnose Door and Window Trim for application with 1/2” and 5/8” wallboard.
Prod #LgthWthPcs/CtnFt/CtnCtns/PalletUnitWt/Ctn
422808 ft1/2″2520040MF32
4228510 ft1/2″2020040MF32
423008 ft5/8″2520040MF32
4230510 ft5/8″2020040MF32