This all-metal drywall cornerbead provides lasting protection to exposed edges of wallboard and smooth, straight corners. It can be either nailed or clinched onto framing through wallboard panels.

Prod #DescPcs/CtnPcs/CtnUnitWt/Ctn
420301-1/4″ CORNERBEAD 7′86602CTN63
420401-1/4″ CORNERBEAD 8′75600CTN63
420501-1/4″ CORNERBEAD 9′67603CTN63
420601-1/4″ CORNERBEAD 10′60600CTN63.00
420701-1/4″ CORNERBEAD 12′50600CTN63.00


Open-Angle Cornerbeads

135 Degree Cornerbead provides straight smooth finish for open angles greater than 120 degrees.

Prod #DescPcs/CtnPcs/CtnUnitWt/Ctn
420801-1/4″ OPEN-ANGLE CORNERBEAD 8′75600CTN63
420851-1/4″ OPEN-ANGLE CORNERBEAD 9′70603CTN63
420901-1/4″ OPEN-ANGLE CORNERBEAD 10′60600CTN63